Phoenix/Proven Tools

Readiness for Growth Assessments

Growth due diligence and internal growth assessments, including:

  • Readiness for growth evaluations
  • Health of the core assessments
  • Competency assessments

Proprietary Demand Insights

Proprietary qualitative and quantitative consumer/customer research tools, including:

  • Ethnography
  • Focus groups
  • Quantitative surveys/VOC analysis

Predictive Intelligence Solutions

Analytical modeling and big data mining including:

  • Predictive modeling of consumer/customer behavior
  • Predictive modeling of expected financial outcomes
  • Return on investment analysis/business case development

Emotional Connection Solutions (with our Partner Motista)

Proprietary process for identifying the power of emotional connection to drive improved consumer/customer behavior including:

  • Improved acquisition and targeting tools
  • Improved brand messaging
  • More emotive interactions across the customer journey

Brand Building in a Digital World

Tools for evaluating the health and potential of your brands, including:

  • Brand Health Scorecards
  • Brand Architectures
  • Brand Equity evaluations


Demand Based Growth Solutions

Unique approaches for identifying robust growth opportunities, including:

  • Unlocking growth within the core
  • Identifying adjacencies to the core
  • White space growth opportunity identification