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Strategize: Acquisitive Growth

Industry: Apparel

What's the situation?

  • Client was a multi-billion dollar apparel company with brands at moderate price point that were being commoditized due to lack of product innovation, lack of brand differentiation, and a slow migration to lower-end channels
  • Client sought to identify new growth platforms and identify acquisitions to fill missing niches in their portfolio and to enter higher-end department stores and specialty stores
  • Client’s portfolio of brand, while well-recognized, did not have permission to play in the higher end of the women’s and children’s apparel market

What's our approach?

  • Consulting team led a two-pronged approach to (1) understand the macro-trends and demands that were impacting the target consumer while (2) simultaneously conducting a detailed assessment of the competitive market place and documenting consumers’ perceptions of the current brands in the market and unsatisfied or growing areas of consumer need
  • Led Board and management team through a three month strategic planning effort

Show your work: the results

  • Research and analysis revealed that the higher-end women’s casual apparel and higher-end children’s apparel market were growing quickly, and consumers were willing to pay a premium for quality of construction, modern styling, and great fit
  • Study also revealed that none of the current brands in the portfolio had permission to play in the better/best price point segment of the market (Client wanted distribution into the higher-end department stores and specialty stores).
  • Study led to the rationale for purchasing Vince and Hanna Andersson
  • New strategy resulted in the successful sale of Kellwood to Sun Capital