Creating a unique reason for being.

Strategize: Organic Growth

Industry: Association Management

What's the situation?

  • LPGA Tour had been in turmoil after a player revolt led to the resignation of the Commissioner
  • Michael Whan had assumed the Commissioner role and was successfully enhancing business relationships, increasing exposure for the players and maximizing the LPGA experience for fans.
  • Whan, his Executive Leadership Team (ELT) and the Board wanted to ensure that there was a clear and strong ‘path forward’ to continue the positive momentum, taking into consideration a number of key dynamics including establishing a global presence, securing Tour sponsors, increased media coverage/fan experience and rewarding players.

What's our approach?

  • Created framework, approach and timeline for Executive Leadership Team (ELT) to develop and document a three year strategic plan
  • Led meetings and facilitated interim discussions with ELT and Board of Directors to develop and document the plan
  • Specific actions:
  • Created ‘fact-based’ review of Demand Needscape and Competitive Landscape
  • Interviewed broad range of stakeholders
  • Assessed alignment and readiness for change
  • Identified internal competencies
  • Analyzed historical performance

Show your work: the results

Executive Leadership Team and Board of Directors issued approval of and alignment to:

  • Refined Vision, Mission, Values
  • 3 year strategic goals
  • Key strategic initiatives – in multiple areas of LPGA, e.g. Players, Junior Golf, Strategic Partners/Affiliate Programs, Teaching & Club Professionals, Fans, Media, Staff, Foundation, etc.
  • Develop strategic plan: Priority Actions, Milestones and Timing
  • Identified key ‘gaps’ to be addressed
  • 2017 LPGA Tour schedule features 35 events (including four new ones) and a record $67.35 million in total official prize money.