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Innovate: Global Growth Variation

Industry: Consumer Products

What's the situation?

  • Client is a leading global manufacturer and marketer of branded houseware products but was not getting its fair share of Asian markets
  • Company had underinvested in proprietary and foundational consumer research
  • Client did not understand how their brand compared to competitive brands in the eye of the consumer
  • Client lacked basic volumetric and needstate information on both markets due to the limited availability of  syndicated and panel data
  • Goal: To create breakthrough Innovation & Brand strategies

What's our approach?

  • Study of market drivers in Korea and China including changes in demographics, sociographics, architecture, design and underlying economics
  • Conducted in-market ethnography, shop-alongs, and on-line quantitative research to uncover areas of unmet and emerging demand across the entire meal preparation process
  • Conducted market structure analysis to understand category white space opportunities
  • Partnered with design firm to convert demand platforms into new product concepts

Show your work: the results

  • Identified future incremental market demand that equated to 27% of the current houseware market size in Korea and 61% of the current market size in China (including impact of rapidly rising middle- and upper-class population growth in China)
  • Mapped the evolving market structure including identification of two emerging housewares categories and the blurring of traditional category definitions and increased demand for versatile cooking solutions
  • Uncovered six unmet and future consumer needstates per country including the healthy/safe living needstate and the beautified table needstate
  • Prioritized and sequenced 8-10 growth platforms appropriate for our client to pursue based on confirmed consumer unmet and future needs, supply market gaps, strength of client’s brands vis-à-vis competitive brands in the market, size of the prize, and client’s core competencies required to pursue growth platforms
  • Recommended new brand positioning to support growth platform, including developing brand variants to address bifurcating channel structure and resulting explosive growth of outlet and discount channels