Creating a unique reason for being.

Innovate: New Product Information

Industry: Apparel

What's the situation?

  • Consumer reaction to the new product ‘concept’ had been very positive
  • However, client needed quantitative validation for the product, and confidence in volume projections including a better understanding of source of volume
  • ‘Path to purchase’ was non-traditional and could be executed several ways.  Client needed facts/data to better assess the options, benefits/trade-offs and potential risks
  • Fair amount of time/resources dedicated to development of new product
  • However, this product was in a sub category for which the company did not have a lot of credibility or experience; and it is saturated with mature competitors
  • Very unique target segments with divergent needs/priorities
  • Client needed disciplined, fact based support for the launch with realistic expectations

What's our approach?

  • Demand driver analysis to understand how macro-trends (economic, demographic, fashion, etc) might impact future consumer behavior
  • Documentation of related learnings from analogous categories
  • Detailed insights into current and emerging consumer needs, attitudes and evolving behaviors, perceptions of competitor offerings, hierarchy of important product features and benefits, discrete choice analysis
  • Recommended target consumer profile, features and benefits for messaging/communication, points of competitive differentiation, and recommended value proposition; most likely sources of volume and potential cannibalization risks; economic size of the prize

Show your work: the results

  • Launch plans for key departments (marketing, sales) adjusted based on learning and recommendations
  • Implementation/Launch plans executed based on new recommendations including different price point, different channels of distribution and emphasizing different features and benefits